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Operation Pass the Peace

With every blanket sold, Pearth is solemnly dedicated to donating a blanket to a Venezuelan family in need during this hard time. Pearth blankets are self ventilating, and also self heating.

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3 Primary Effects of Color on Your Mood

In 1666, Sir Isaac Newton discovered how light passing through a prism creates different colors, and we have been studying the effects of those colors on human beings ever since. With a sustainable line of all natural alpaca blankets inspired and hand made in basin of the Andes Mountain, we hope to help you make steps each day toward your peace each day.  Red is an intense color of passion. It is often associated with love and comfort. Surrounding yourself with luxurious shades of red embedded into natural alpaca fur will prove all the solace you need to be at peace.  Blue is the color of serenity. Feelings of calmness are often evoke by the color blue, and it has...

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Out with the Goats, in with the Camelids

Once known as the most luxurious fiber in the fashion industry, cashmere has quickly faded into the brooding shadows of mass consumption and factory production. Wool from cashmere goats has outgrown its time in the lime light, and who is the new star on the rise? None other than the cutest and cuddliest South American natives: Alpacas. In the early 1990s, India’s booming cashmere industry sold themselves out to consumerism, thus resulting in a forfeit of integrity and quality of most cashmere garments. The industry moved from the villages of a rural community to the factories of the world’s largest exporting country- China. What was once produced with love by hand has grown to be produced with expediency by machines....

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