Operation Pass the Peace

The economic, political, and social crisis that has unfolded in Venezuela in recent years has led many families to flee their homes and seek asylum in neighboring countries. These men and women and children are traveling with nothing but what they can carry in their hands, and they are greeted by the inclimate weather of the Andes mountains all throughout their neighboring country south of Colombia-  Ecuador, home of Pearth Headquarters. 

Temperatures in Ecuador are known to rise above 70 degrees during the day and drop below 45 degrees throughout the night. Along with fluctuating temperatures, precipitation comes and goes fickley across the country. 

With every blanket sold, Pearth is solemnly dedicated to donating a blanket to a Venezuelan family in need during this hard time. Pearth blankets are self ventilating, and also self heating. They can provide these families with the warmth they need by night, while not becoming a burden for their travels beneath the sun by day. The naturally water resistant fibers will provide a small shelter for families with otherwise nothing else to block them from consistent rain showers throughout their travels. 

Though these refugees may not have their own homes, Pearth is committed to providing them with the comfort and warmth they so desperately need to keep up their courage to survive and start a new life outside of the confines of political corruption and economic poverty.