A Beautiful Tradition

The artisans creating our luxury goods are indigenous to Ecuador and the Andes Mountains. For thousands of years, the families of our talented artisans have carried on traditions of weaving alpaca wool. Unlike techniques used to shear sheep and goats, removing alpaca wool is a much more delicate, meticulous, and time consuming process. It takes at least two people to shear just one alpaca. 

Once the alpaca is sheared, the fibers are taken to our artisans. The material is cleaned once again by hand and then spun into yarn for the crafting process. Traditionally, it is common to use natural materials from the earth to dye the alpaca fiber. Our artisans then weave the material together into a variety of patterns to create beautiful sustainable goods that will last forever.

The artisans in Cuenca are dedicated to upholding a family tradition that dates back thousands of years, while producing a viable commodity that is indigenous to Andean cultures. They are committed to family values and they naturally conquer our mission of peace each day by slowing down and enjoying life’s precious moments. Through Pearth, we are proud to give back to these skilled individuals and the beautiful culture that they love and cherish.