How To Care for Your Pearth Blanket

First, think of your alpaca blanket as fine yet strong hair, which is what it essentially is! You must take extra precaution when cleaning any natural animal fiber product. Due to the fragile nature of the alpaca fibers, Dry Clean is highly recommended.

If you prefer to wash your Pearth Blanket, please wash in cold water and hang to dry. We do not recommend laundry soap as it too harsh for natural animal fibers. Please use baby or a mild soap. After your blanket is dry, use a soft bristle brush to soften the fibers back to their original condition.

In order to maintain the integrity and to maximize the longevity of the alpaca fibers, Pearth Blankets are handmade from 80% Suri alpaca wool and 20% high quality polycotton blend. With proper care, your Pearth Blanket will give you many years of cozy enjoyment and you too will have an alpaca heirloom! 

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