As an escape from our busy lives of parenting and working, my husband and I have always made it our goal to take one big trip each year to relax and reconnect... We all know, it's very easy to get caught up in the "rat race" of life with the pressure to constantly do and achieve more. Even on vacations it's difficult to hit pause... When do we ever really disconnect?  There are so many places to visit and explore but seldom does it happen that one place captures your heart so profoundly. This happened last year in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Cuenca, "The City of Four Rivers", sits in the basin of the Andes Mountains. You can just feel the protective energy in this city. The mountains are magnetic. It is so easy to get lost in the simplicity of nature. My husband and I enjoy watching the natives as they live their every day life... working, yes, but appreciating each moment, being fully present in each conversation, steadily accomplishing their goals. They never seem rushed, just at peace with however the day goes! 

The unexpected cool breeze that creeps into your bones is what triggered our search for a "cover up". We ended up wandering into a small establishment and saw a beautiful display of alpaca blankets. We never imagined how this encounter would change our lives. This family of weavers were processing the fleece of the alpaca from sheering to the end result! I used one to quickly cover up. The feel of this colorful blanket on my back was a familiar touch of warmth. I stood there mesmerized. A sensation of serenity overcame me as I realized how simple and satisfying life really is. As we left this establishment and traveled back into the streets it became clear to me that this encounter, not only with the artisans, but our entire experience in Ecuador, was happening for a reason.

After days of exploring the land and carefully observing their amazing culture, my husband and I returned home with a new outlook and an inspiration to make a change. In the short time that we were in Ecuador we gained an entirely new perspective on the purpose of life. We developed a deeper appreciation for every day simple things and the most valuable lesson we learned was patience... not only with others but with ourselves. We found peace and easily embraced their mentality of ‘life is short’, slow down and enjoy every step of the journey. We left this experience asking ourselves... How could we take these valuable lessons back home with us? What could we do to remind us each day to slow down?

We returned home from our life-changing journey with these beautiful alpaca blankets which symbolized the peace and comfort that we felt while in the country of Ecuador. It wasn't until an innocent comment of a friend, "How can I get one of those alpaca blankets?" which made us realize that when you love something, it must be shared! This led us to the creation of Pearth - Peace on Earth. Through our story, we hope to inspire others to simply ‘stop’ more often and to find the inner peace within themselves. 

With a mission to give back to the humble families in Ecuador, we are excited to bring to the United States this very cozy and luxurious line of Alpaca Blankets.  Handmade by the Indigenous Artisans, these blankets are critical to the heritage and economic survival of these indigenous ways. By enjoying this natural treasure, you will be helping to preserve this incredible art and planet. Pearth Blankets make a beautiful gift for everyone! They are very unique and we know you will truly enjoy them.

Wishing you Peace,