White and Black Alpaca Blanket - Snow Drift
White and Black Alpaca Blanket - Snow Drift
White and Black Alpaca Blanket - Snow Drift
Alpaca Blanket / Cozy Blanket / Large Throw / Handmade Blanket / Soft Wool Blanket / White Blanket / Striped Blanket / Made in Ecuador
Alpaca Blanket / Cozy Blanket / Large Throw / Handmade Blanket / Soft Wool Blanket / White Blanket / Striped Blanket / Made in Ecuador
White and Black Alpaca Blanket - Snow Drift

White and Black Alpaca Blanket - Snow Drift

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Pearth Blankets are the perfect oversized throw for any space in your life. Handmade in Ecuador from genuine alpaca, they are the softest blanket you’ll ever own. Comprised of a fiber that is so cozy, warm and breathable.  Each blanket in our collection is unique, luxurious and elegant. In addition, alpaca is Hypoallergenic, water-resistant and eco-friendly, it’s no wonder alpaca is being referred to as “The New Cashmere”.

Handmade with love by the indigenous artisans in the Andes Mountains, we are proud to share an art that is crafted with culture and purpose. Each one of our designs is sold in limited quantities, therefore, we cannot guarantee availability of a certain design once it is sold out.

Many of our customers purchase Pearth Blankets as an unexpected gift for the person who has everything or for a friend who might need a little more peace in their life. Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Baby Showers, etc. Let’s face it! Every life event and every space would be a little bit brighter with a beautiful alpaca blanket!

Choose one or choose several, we know it’s hard to decide! Rest assure that the vibrant colors on your couch will be the talk of your cocktail party! The silky touch of alpaca will calm any crying baby (young or old!) and the peaceful energy that each carries has an everlasting effect on family that we call “togetherness”.

Size: roughly 65x90 inches. Two people can easily fit underneath these oversized throws!

Colors included in this design: White and Black

Packaging:  Each blanket is carefully packed in a charming, cotton canvas reusable drawstring bag. No need to wrap… They make the perfect gift!

Information about Alpaca:

Alpaca is now considered one of the world's most luxurious natural fibers (desired over Cashmere) for blankets and clothing due to its unique properties of softness, luster, lightness, durability, and warmth. Alpaca is also Hypoallergenic and non-pricking, unlike any other fiber because it does not contain Lanolin, which is a wax found in wool. Pearth Blankets are warm but still very breathable. Perfect for every climate!

Pearth Blankets come from a rare type of Alpaca called Suri which is found in the Andes Mountains. Handmade by the local indigenous artisans, these blankets are critical to the heritage and economic survival of these indigenous ways. By enjoying this natural treasure, you will be helping to preserve this incredible art and planet.

Recommended Care:

  • Shedding

It is very common for a natural fiber product to shed in the first couple weeks of use. If this occurs, we recommend using a soft bristled brush to pull out any loose hairs. This is a great tool to keep on hand as it is perfect for keeping your blanket in great condition.

  • Washing

Due to the fragile nature of the alpaca fibers, Dry Clean is recommended, however, if you prefer to wash, please do so on delicate cycle using a gentle soap.

  • Drying

Once the blanket is spun, lay it flat to dry making sure that the blanket is pulled to shape.

  • Ironing

Steamer is recommended but iron can be used at low temperatures.

  • Maintaining

Alpaca is real hair and needs to be treated and cared for delicately. After heavy usage, it is normal that the blanket can look a little frizzy. To restore your blanket back to its original condition, we recommend using the same soft bristled brush mentioned above. Brush in the direction of the hairs. This maintenance will increase the longevity of your blanket as well as soften the fibers!

Our Guarantee:

Pearth has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We guarantee the quality and individuality of all our handmade products. As a result of the handcrafted nature of our products, many items will vary slightly in color and/or size. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days by contacting our Customer Care Team. Please note that the shipping cost to return your item is not included.

Customer Satisfaction is our #1 priority. We welcome you to check out all of our reviews from our home page to understand why our customers are so happy!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Francesca Weaver
Super soft

Bought this as an anniversary gift for my husband and he loved it, but it was also a gift for me! The blanket is super soft and sooooo comfortable!!! Beautifully made and absolutely high quality! The blanket does shed, but that doesn’t bother me at all! Fast shipping, I believe it arrived about 3 days after I ordered!

Jo-Anne Cooper
Blanket/ throw hasn’t turned up

Hi still trying to dirt out where my blanket is -intended as a house warming for my son and his partner. It arrived in Paris, France on 2 May but hasn’t yet been delivered to Montmartre.

Stylish, light, warm, exceptional value

I have the "Snow Drift" throw blanket and I absolutely love it. Not only is it stylish (in a contemporary and mminimalist sort of way), but it drapes well, is light and warm...everything I could have hoped for at more than ½ the cost of other blankets I researched.

So, yesterday at Thanksgiving, my kitchen got smoky and we had to open windows and doors and turn on fans. My 33-year-old son draped himself in my blanket and (while patting it) told me how much he loved it.

Note that he is awful to buy for: he's exceptionally picky.

Right then his father and I knew that we would gift him a blanket for Christmas. Unfortunately, the "Snow Drift" style is sold out, but I selected the equally handsome and stylish, "Yacht Club," and I can't wait to see his face at Christmas.

Thank you Pearth Blankets for such a perfect blanket.

Nicole Daquilante

I’ve only had my blanket a few days during late spring with some warmer weather. My boyfriend preached about how wonderful wool is compared to my other blankets and he was not wrong! It is soft and comfortable. I couldn’t wait to use it, and I’ve really enjoyed sleeping under it. The price seemed reasonable for the quality. I already want another one!

Jasper Miller
Love it

Super like